Too many car recalls go ignored

Does it seem like there have been a lot of car recalls lately? That's because there have been.

These safety recalls are issued because there's something seriously wrong with that vehicle. It might be a defect that could start a fire, cause the brakes to fail or the airbags to malfunction in a crash.

And yet, a lot of owners don't respond when they get a recall notice.

"Recalls are only responded to by 60 to 70 percent of the people," said Jack Gillis, an auto safety expert and author of The Car Book 2014. "Consumers need to respond to recalls as soon as they get the notice."

And remember: You don't pay for those repairs.

"The manufacturer will fix that problem no matter how long ago that recall occurred for no charge to you," Gillis explained. "So, even if you just bought a used car, it's important to check to see if there are any recalls that haven't been responded to on that used car. And if there are, you can get them fixed for free."

You can check on any vehicle at the government's website:

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