Travelling abroad? Take your credit card

If you're planning to vacation outside the U.S. be sure to pack the plastic. A credit card is safer than cash and you'll probably get the best exchange rate.

The website recently analyzed the currency exchange rates offered by a number of big banks, credit cards and airport currency services.

Card Hub CEO Odysseas Papadimitriou tells me Visa and MasterCard provided the best exchange rate between the U.S. Dollar and the Euro.

"And we found that consumers can save up to 16 percent by using their credit cards," Papadimitriou said.

That's the difference between using the credit card and exchanging money at the airport. With the credit card, you'd have, on average, 8 percent more in your pocket, than going to a bank.

Most credit cards now charge a foreign transaction fee of between 1 and 3 percent when you use them in a foreign country.

Some banks now offer a few cards without a foreign transaction fee. Capital One does not have this charge on any of its Visa or MasterCard.

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