Use credit cards when traveling this summer

You'd be smart to use a credit card when you travel this summer. You get the most fraud protection should something go wrong.

That credit card may also help you cut your travel expenses.

For instance, many airlines let you check a free bag when you buy your ticket with their credit card.

Some top-of-the-line cards will also cover the baggage free for your traveling companion. So be sure to check on this.

Many credit cards also provide lost-luggage insurance as a customer perk.

My premium card give me access to a 24/7 concierge hotline that can help with any problems during the trip. The service can also help with things like restaurant reservations or show tickets.

Maybe you're headed outside the country. In most cases, you'll get the best conversion rate if you pay with your credit card. A lot of cards hit you with a 2 or 3 percent foreign conversion fee. That can really add up. But there are cards that don't have currency conversion fees. They include: American Express, Capital One, Chase and Pentagon Federal Credit Union.

Bottom line: check your cardholder agreement. Look for money-saving perks that can save you money and make your trip more enjoyable.

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