Wearable technology is a big trend for 2014

The big Consumer Electronics Show opened this week in Las Vegas with hot new tablets, giant televisions, and all sorts of gadgets that claim to make your life better. A lot of the big buzz this year is about electronics you can wear. According to the Consumer Electronics Association, consumer interested in wearable technology is expected to quadruple in 2014.

Examples of wearable tech devices coming out include personal sound amplifiers to help with hearing when you're not quite ready for a hearing aid, and headphones inside a headband, programmed to induce better sleep.

But the runaway trend in is in the field of fitness. Manufacturers are offering new and improved high-tech wristbands that monitor your activity during a workout. The activity monitors track your steps, distance, calories burned and more and allow you to wirelessly sync the stats to your computer or smartphone. Expect new generation models to be more lightweight, offer more color options, and have longer lasting battery power. Prices typically range between $100 and $150.

The other big buzz at CES this year is the latest TV technology- Ultra HD. UHD offers even bigger screens (how does 105 inches sound?) with higher resolution than the top models on the market. UHD debuted last year and is getting more play in 2014 with Sony, Samsung, LG and others boasting more brilliant color, 4 times better picture than regular HD and gigantic screens with curved displays- and significantly higher price tags. While some manufacturers offer UHD models for around $3,000 typical prices are more like $5,000 with some priced at nearly $17,000- so they're not exactly flying off the shelves.

UHD aside, the great thing about all the new televisions hitting the market now is retailers must make room for them. Between that and Super Bowl Sunday, which is just weeks away, retailers will be slashing prices on existing inventory. If you're in the market for a flat screen TV, mid to late January is a good time to save some money.