What's hot on Wall Street these days? Tech stocks

Yes, it seems like we've been there before, but the folks at Consumer Reports Money Advisor say it's different this time. There's no more wild ride on the tech side.

The NASDAQ, which is about half tech stocks, has more than doubled since 2009, out-performing the large-cap Standard and Poor's 500 index.

"There are a lot of large tech stocks that are relatively inexpensive compared to other stocks in the market," says Money Advisor's Christopher Horymski. "And moreover are paying healthy dividends these days."

Christopher says many tech companies are mature companies.

"Think about IBM, your grandfather's tech stock, that's about as mature as it gets. Warren Buffett just loves it. He just bought a big chunk for his portfolio."

And many tech stocks pay nice dividends.

While slightly more volatile than the broad market, tech stocks are less volatile than financial services, basic materials and energy sectors.

The Consumer Reports Money Advisor says IBM, Intuit and Lexmark International pay good dividends and are less volatile than the broader market.

Rather than buy individual stocks, you might want to consider a low-cost, no-load fund. Consumer Reports suggests Janus Global Technology (JNGTX) and Columbia Seligman Communication and Information (CCIZX).

The editors say two Exchange Traded Funds are a less expensive way to invest in technology companies: PowerShares QQQ EFT (QQQ) and Vanguard Information Technology EFT (VGT).