Why you should fill out that product registration card

Chances are you got a holiday gift that came with a registration card or told you to fill one out online. This is very common with electronic products.

Some companies ask for a lot of personal information, like your age and income and hobbies.

Do you really need to answer those questions? Absolutely not.

Should you bother to fill out the rest of the form?

Patty Davis at the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says it is a smart thing to do.

"That gives the manufacturer information to contact you in case there is a recall," she noted.

Davis says most people are more likely to respond to a recall notice that they get directly from the manufacturer. That's why some children's products are required to come with a warranty card.

"Companies that are required to give a registration card for a nursery or infant product, like a crib or a stroller, are not allowed to ask you information that they can use for marketing purposes," Davis explained.

One more reason to register that product: There are so many recalls these days, it's hard for anyone to keep up with them.

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