Window cords can kill, but there are ways to reduce the hazard

It's one of the top five hidden hazards in the home, blamed for the death of one child every month in this country. Cords on window shades can strangle a child who gets caught in them.

Scott Wolfson with the Consumer Product Safety Commission says these tragedies are preventable.

"There are ways to make your home safer, so that window cords are not a hidden hazard," he said.

The CPSC encourages all parents and grandparents to go cordless by switching to new blinds and other window coverings that don't have cords.

"The prices are coming down and it can just give you more piece of mind because these are products that do not have exposed cords," Wolfson said.

If you can't afford to do that, contact the Window Covering Safety Council. They have repair kits for vertical blinds, roll-up blinds and Roman shades.

"It doesn't make your window coverings 100 percent safe," Wolfson said. "We believe cordless is the way to go, buut it will make it safer than it is right now."

More Info: CPSC Window Covering Information Center