'Best Twerk Fail' viral video was Jimmy Kimmel hoax

LOS ANGELES -- A video showing a woman's elaborate attempt to make a "Twerking" video that went terribly wrong when she fell, knocked over candles, and burst into flames went viral on YouTube the past week with over 10 million views.

But guess what? It was an elaborate hoax of late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

The original video ended as the woman was screaming on her couch, leg aflame. But in the full video revealed on Kimmel's show Monday night, you see Kimmel come in the door with a fire extinguisher and using it on the fire victim. He then poses for the camera and gives a thumbs-up sign.

Kimmel also revealed the woman, Caitlin Heller, is actually a stunt woman. They made this video and quietly released it online and waited for it to go viral -- and boy did it.