Stay in shape with these seven simple moves you can do anywhere


We're in the middle of February now, and studies show most people choose getting healthier as their New Year's resolutions. But not everyone sticks to it. But there are a few simple moves. These are exercises from a personal trainer who says anyone can do them at home or anywhere to keep their body healthy.

It's safe to say, feeling health and young is what most of us want.

"It's Important to stay active, that's what keeps us young," said Carlos Medina, Anytime Fitness personal trainer.

But many folks believe they don't have time to dedicate hours at the gym. Not to worryfitness trainer Carlos Medina has seven simple moves you can do anywhere, to stay active on a daily basis. First, lower bodychair squats start in a seated position.

"As you come up push through your heels," said Medina. "You never want to lock your knees. You want to keep your knees slightly bent."

Next your armsuse the chair for tricep dips.

"You want to go about 90 degrees and come right back up," said Medina.

Then for your chest, you can do pushups on the ground or better yet, against a wall. Keep your hands shoulder width apart, and push yourself away.

"And again, you never want to lock any joints out," said Medina.

Number fourside raises for shoulders. You can use weights, cans of soup, milk jugs or nothing. Just keep your back straight and knees slightly bent.

"You always want to maintain good posture," said Medina.

To work your backtry some rows with a chair.

"Bring in the elbow nice and tight to the body squeeze and come back down," said Medina.

Look ahead to keep your back straight.

For the sixth move,, work your calves with raises, knees slightly bent.

"So you're pushing off with the balls of your feet up to the toes and down," said Medina.

And finally, a move that'll work your entire body, the plank! Get on the ground, extend your body and push your weight into your feet and forearms, or unlocked straight arms. Pull your hips under and hold your abs in. to make it easier, stay on your knees.

And to make it even harder, you can even switch between the two right?

"Correct, you can go into that forearm and then back up," said Medina.

Plank for 30 to 60 seconds. And it works everything from your biceps to your calves.

"Absolutely," said Medina.

Go through this whole routine twice, ten repetitions of each exercise and finish out with planking, three times a week, and your body is sure to stay in healthy shape.

It's critical to always stretch before and after working out at all, and of course stay hydrated. But, you have to listen to your body. If something hurts, in a bad way, don't do it and maybe see a doctor.

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