1/3 of Asotin County residents have enrolled through WA. Health Planfinder website

CLARKSTON, WA - The Washington State Secretary of Health, John Wiesman said the Evergreen State is one of the few states with a fairly good success rate for people buying health insurance.

According to reports based on the Washington Health Planfinder website, as of November a little over 180,000 accounts were created with almost five-million page view on the site.

In Asotin County 33% are currently enrolled through the system. Wiesman credits the website for the enrollment numbers.

"With our website we made a really key decision to allow people to go on the shop without having to put in all of their information," said Wiesman. "Which really decreased the stress on the system."

And a reminder that the deadline for signing up in Washington has been extended. If you sign up before the 23rd of December, you'll have until January first to get insurance. But if you don't start the process by the 23rd, you won't be eligible for the extension.