14-foot concrete WSU letters are raised by crane onto Visitors Center

PULLMAN, WA - Construction on Washington State University's new visitor center is rapidly progressing, and Wednesday morning the iconic "WSU" pillars were raised.

People gathered around the construction site to watch the crane lift the concrete letters and put them into place. University officials said the corner of Main and Spring Streets is the ideal location to build the center because the 14-foot concrete letters will be one of the first things visitors see as they enter Pullman.

"That 'W' that's going up weighs 40-thousand pounds so it takes a little bit of extra thought and effort to do this kind of work and it's a lot of fun to do these kind of special projects," said WSU Facilities Services Project Manager Jeff Lannigan.

The $2.5 million project is scheduled for completion in September. The visitor center itself will be a 4,000 square-foot building, and will showcase research projects as well as other university achievements.