14 swimmers show up to break record for 'World's Largest Swim Lesson'

CLARKSTON, WA - Swimmers and managers from the Asotin County Aquatic Center are waiting to find out if they qualify to be a part of the 'World's Largest Swimming Lesson."

14-people showed up to enjoy a free swimming lesson and be a part of record-breaking history Friday. Maryssa Spencer is the Program Superintendent at the center. She said they were supposed to have at least 25-participants to be counted in the tally along with swim centers in 32-countries, but she said they might still let them in.

"It may not have been the biggest lesson ever, but they had a lot of fun," said Spencer. "We had all the swimmer spread out and we had a wide age range. I'm really curious to see what the final total will be. I expect that we've shattered the record from last year."

We'll find out if they qualify in about two weeks. Spencer said no matter what happens they plan on doing it again next year.