15th Annual Senior Games keep seniors active in our community

LEWISTON, ID - Getting up in age sure takes it's toll on our bodies, something we can see and feel every day as we unsuccessfully search for the fountain of youth.

However, there are many individuals who don't need or want a fountain of youth, and love this time of year when they can show off...that they've still got it! Wednesday will day one of the 15th annual Lewis-Clark Senior Games.

We all know that the Olympics features the greatest athletes around the world. So what happens to those athletes once they get a little older? They participate in the senior games!

"It's an Olympic style athletic event and the Lewis-Clark Senior Games offers thirteen different sports with up to 100 different events," said Senior Games Manager Cathy Robinson.

And what age could people start calling themselves seniors and compete in the games?

"It starts at 50, and then it's in five-year increments and we've had participants all the way up into their 90's," said Robinson.

This week will not only feature the senior games, but also the run for the Sun 5-K Run and Walk on Thursday the 20th. These events are just a few ways to get seniors outdoors.

"It's another way that we can engage our mission of encouraging seniors to keep active in our community," said Director of WA/ID Volunteer Center Barbara Bush.

"The idea is to grow the games and just to get people out there and be active," said Robinson.

Other than staying active, what are the seniors competing for?

"They win medals, just like in the Olympics," said Robinson. "They win bronze, silver, and gold medals, depending on how they place in their age brackets, so we give out a lot of medals."

What really motivates these experienced athletes?

"You're out there doing what our bodies are telling us we can't do but our minds say we still can," said Robinson. Your mind is winning over and you're making your body do it."

And succeed they shall! Get out there and support our wise elders during the 15th Annual Lewis-Clark Senior Games!

The 15th Annual Lewis-Clark Senior Games begins Wednesday at 8 a.m. with target shooting at the Diamondback Shooting Range in Lewiston with various games and events being held throughout the Valley. And don't forget to attend the run for the Sun 5-K Walk and Run on Thursday.

All the events are non-profit with all proceeds going to support senior volunteerism in the Lewis-Clark Valley through the efforts of the Washington-Idaho Volunteer Center.