19 proposed projects listed for Asotin County's 2015-2020 transportation plan

ASOTIN, WA - Asotin County commissioners are also looking at a new six-year transportation plan.

Jim Bridges is Asotin County's Public Works Director. He said it's primarily a wish list of projects they'd like to work on next. There are 19 proposed projects. One of the biggest is reconstruction of Fleshman Way and State Route 129. It's proposed to start in 2018 and cost over $9-million. Bridges said there's a new requirement from the state for public works leaders to consider when developing plans for road construction projects.

"If there's a potential to access federal grant funding for pedestrian bicycle ways, we're required to include those, so you'll see more of those projects in here," said Bridges.

Another big project is new paving on Southway Bridge. Construction for this would begin in 2018 as well.