2013 in review for the Lewis-Clark Valley

LEWISTON, ID - The Lewis-Clark Valley has seen some major changes during 2013.

The Omega-Morgan megaload shipments caused mega-protests in September. The Nez Perce Tribe and Executive Committee worked tirelessly to protest the movement of equipment headed to tar-sands. They were successful in a lawsuit that barred the company from moving anything across their lands.

A massive fire in Craigmont destroyed a grain bin complex, devastating almost two city blocks this past May. This was just a month after a house fire in Orofino claimed the lives of five people, three of the victims who were teenagers.

2013 was also a transitional year for the Lewis-Clark Valley. Decades long projects like the Ten Mile Bridge were completed this summer. Halted for several years by the findings of human remains, the bridge is now fully functional in Asotin County.

The first roundabout in the Valley was constructed along Southway Avenue and Snake River Road in the fall. And the Lewiston City Library opened it's doors in the spring for the bookworms of the area.

The First Territorial Capitol of Idaho Revitalization Project was successfully completed after two previous failed attempts. The oldest surviving residence of Lewiston was also moved and cleaned up. The Thomson-Miranda Cabin and territorial capitol building now sit in front of city hall.

A decent turnout for the local November elections resulted in the ousting of several city council members. Lewiston incumbents Mayor Kevin Poole, councilor Dennis Ohrtman and Clarkston councilor John Smith were all replaced this year.

On the Washington side of local elections, the people voted no to proposition-one. If it had passed, the Asotin City Council, the Clarkston City Council and the Asotin County Commission would've combined into one unified government.

The voters didn't like prop-one but they voted a resounding yes for proposition two. Putting more money into the Asotin County Family Aquatic Center for years to come via a sales tax increase.

Initiative-502 was okay'ed by voters in 2012, but the dealing with the aftermath of the rules and regulations took over much of 2013 for many state leaders and future business owners. There's still a lot to sort out before people start selling, growing and distributing marijuana but Wednesday...the world will watch as Colorado sales begin.

Mental health concerns took center-stage this year, and in the L-C Valley those concerns resonated after a mentally ill 62-year-old man was discovered in Clarkston naked and with his genitalia severed in July. The wounds were self-inflicted.

The Affordable Care Act affected the nation this year. Local residents are still using the newly unveiled websites to sign-up for a healthcare plan.