43 Asotin County residents submit applications for freeholder positions

CLARKSTON, WA - Forty-three Asotin County residents submitted applications last Friday to run for a freeholder position.

Those elected as freeholders, will help draft a charter that creates guidelines by which local government officials must abide by.

The measure to get a Home Rule Charter on the November ballot must first pass and then elected freeholders will be able to start drafting a charter soon after.

Respect Asotin County Member Don Johnson supports his fellow group members who are running for a freeholder position and said having a charter for Asotin County is important.

"The commissioners at this point in time, don't have a unique rule book, that is dedicated to things that are unique to Asotin County," said Johnson.

Johnson said he wants rules made by the citizens, so that local representatives know how constituents want their county government to be run.

Of the 43 running, six positions in each district are available, for a grand total of 18 freeholders.

If you'd like to see a complete list of those running for each of the three districts go to,