49th Annual McCall Winter Carnival offers something for everyone

MCCALL, ID - The best way to break up these long winter days is with a celebration, and that's what thousands of people did this past weekend.

They headed into the mountains for the Winter Carnival in McCall.
Sophia Miraglio was there, and tells us why many drive the distance for the annual event.

In the middle of the Payette National Forest, off the beaten path is the little town of McCall. On any typical day population is just under 3,000, but this weekend that population swelled to gigantic proportion as thousands drove the distance to be part of the 49th Annual Winter Carnival.

"I like the snow, I like the cold and I like the mountains," said Jake Warr. "I like walking around looking at stuff."

The snowy festival is quickly becoming a time honored tradition for most.

"Many times, we have a cabin up here," said Nampa, Idaho Mayor, Bob Henry. "So we come up here every year if we can."

"This is our second time up, it's definitely a fun environment, a lot of people," said Connor Warr.

And it's no surprise why the event has grown over the decades, as there's something for everyone to enjoy!

"I like the sculptures, like the detail that they put in it, because you don't really see it that often," said Brook Davlin.

"They have marvelous food, I mean every year I get this every year," said Bob Henry.

The Mardi Gras Parade is one of the biggest attractions in the resort town. So naturally your snow pants and jacket attire is not complete unless you're wearing colorful beads.

"One, two, three, four, five," said Baya Hone counting her beads.

"It's just fun!" said Henry. "I like beads and then I like just getting away in our cabin sitting back and drinking coffee and enjoying the solitude."

Reporting in McCall, Idaho, where solitude and celebration go hand in hand. Sophia Miraglio KLEW News.

Next year will mark the 50th anniversary for the event.