5th Annual 2013 Pow-Wow celebrate Native American Culture

LAPWAI, ID - Tribes from all over the northwest and from as far away as Canada made their way to the Clearwater River Casino for the Annual Pow-Wow.

Reporter Sophia Miraglio tells us more about the three day event.

Native American traditions were amplified as Tribes from across the northwest and Canada came together to honor their culture.

"It's just really celebrating a way of life, Native American Culture, and just dance and sing and hear really old songs," said N.P. Tribal Enterprise Executive Officer, Jamie Olson.

Celebrating that way of life through history. History of storytelling, history of music and history of dance.

"I started dancing when I was three and I've been dancing ever since," said Nez Perce Tribe member Leroy Seth.

However it's only when the art of dance combines with the steady beat of drums that an unbreakable identity is re-born.

"It's another world, you get out there and I get lost," said Seth. "People who are hollering at me or talking to me I don't hear them I'm just going with the music."

Music, that has the power to bridge gaps between tribes.

"The feeling that can best describe it, is as if a brand new baby was born, like bring life," said Cree Tribe member, Jacob Faithful.

Songs that speak volumes even if you don't know the language.

And a beat that plays a vital role in passing down customs to new generations.

"It's through those songs and dance that we're going to be able to say that my young boy here is going to have a culture in 50 years," said Faithful.

Nez Perce Tribe puts this three day Pow-Wow on at the same time in October every year.