A group of Orofino High seniors represent Idaho in Wash. D.C. competition

OROFINO, ID - Back in February, the honors government class at Orofino High School brought back a trophy from the state competition.

Well, the young group is packing up their bags once again. However this time they'll be representing Idaho on a much larger scale.

"They did an awesome job and as you can tell they are a wonderful group," said teacher Pam Danielson.

18 bright minds will represent all of northern Idaho, as they take their knowledge of government to the big stage and head out to the nations Capitol.

"Not only have these kids risen to the occasion and done really well in their academic work but the community has overwhelmed us, supported our efforts and it's because of them that we're able to go," said Danielson.

"And when we found out that we were able to go we were just really excited just to get started on our new essays and to go some place new," said Orofino High School Senior, Suzy Willerford.

"We plan on going to the Smithsonian, the Holocaust Museum," said Orofino High School Senior, Kalob Turner. "All sorts of good stuff."

However the trip won't only consist of sightseeing as the national competition consists of mock congressional hearings.

"We read our opinion on a topic we've been given and we will be asked questions after that and about eight minute question answer period that will go more in depth about what we wrote and how we felt about it," said Orofino High School Senior, Damien Ketcherside.

Students will need to know not only about founding documents but also past and past and present political issues.

"We've been studying for just the competition stuff all year long," said Orofino High School Student, Kayla Cobbs.

"Group four which is mine, Suzy's and Joe's focuses on executive power and just how that branches out and the checks and balances," said Orofino High School Senior, Hunter Evenson.

"You basically have to be really well rounded to be able to get a good idea of what everyone else is doing," said Orofino High School Senior, Joe Richardson.

The students will head for the east coast on Wednesday.

"Our competition is Saturday and Sunday and then the final round is Monday," said Richardson.

With the help of the community, more than $30,000 was raised for this trip. And of course, all of us here at KLEW News wish the class lots of good luck at the competition this weekend.