A rare Northern Hawk Owl draws attention on the Palouse

MOSCOW, ID - Birdwatchers on the Palouse are mourning the loss of a rare bird that's been living in eastern Moscow since early December.

This is footage of the rare Northern Hawk Owl that Reporter Rachel Dubrovin shot last week near the Eastside Marketplace. Palouse Audubon Society Member, Terry Gray said he got a call Thursday afternoon from fellow bird watchers who found the owl after it was hit by a car on Mountain View Road. Gray said it's a tragic loss, but he wasn't shocked to hear it was hit.

"It's something that happens a lot I think," said Gray. "These very rare birds that come into an area that are not used to being in a place where there's a lot more danger, and they don't usually make it back to where they're initially supposed to be."

Gray took the bird to the Veterinary Hospital at Washington State University, but it died shortly thereafter. Gray said over the last month he's encountered bird watchers from across the nation that came to Moscow to see the owl.

This breed normally lives in remote forests of Alaska and Canada, and there have only been a handful of documented sightings of it this far south.