A young girl's illness turns into a story about the power of community

LEWISTON, ID - A local girl is back home recovering after almost a month in the hospital.

Reporter Sophia Miraglio learns how the McSorely Elementary student is doing and why common cold like symptoms could be something so much more.

Breanna Nine is like any other 10-year old girl. She loves soccer, hanging out with friends and being around family. However one thing that separates her from fellow kids her age is a recent near death experience.

"She just came home and started throwing up like the stomach flu and after a couple days of that she kind of had a fever," said father Jon Nine. "And we were taking her to the doctors because we were thinking something else was wrong and it turned out to be really hard to diagnose."

Finally a diagnosis came down. Breanna had been living with a burst appendix for more than three days.

"All the nurses and doctors were really nice but I was just freaking out all the time," said Breanna. "My mom didn't leave my side though."

With her mom by her side Breanna was transported up to Spokane.

"We were in the hospital for 27 days," said mother Heather Nine. "One day she would wake up, she would have her arm swollen and have a big blood clot. And then the next day she would wake up and she would tell us that she would have fluid in her lungs."

As Breanna fought to recover her most unexpected ally was right by her side.

"Well we're usually fighting and arguing but I didn't want to fight and argue," said brother Austin Nine. "And if I would fight and argue then it would make it even worst and it's already bad enough."

And while the Nines were miles away at Sacred Heart Hospital, it was the L-C Valley where some of the greatest support of all came from.

"When we brought Breanna home we had 30, 40, 50 people in front of our house," said father Jon Nine. Breanna looked at me with tears in her eyes and looked at me and said I didn't know that that many people cared about me."

"It was really cool with all the welcome home signs and balloons," said Breanna.

Since being back at home, community members bring by dinner each night, leaving the Nine family time to focus on recovery and think of ways in which they look to pay it forward.

"Everybody has helped us out so much so if we hear of somebody else that needs help, I mean I'd do it in a heartbeat," said Jon Nine.

We are happy to let you know that Breanna has continued getting better and is now back at school for two hours a day. If you would like to donate to Breanna Nine an account has been set up under her name at P1FCU.