AAA offers free online tool to help determine if medications impair driving

LEWISTON, ID - A new tool to help drivers determine whether or not specific medications impair their driving is now available.

AAA is now providing a one of a kind tool known as Roadwise Rx that lets people know if their medications could cause driving impairment.

According to AAA of Washington's Eastern Region Public Relations Manager Cassie Devaney, 80% of drivers age 65 and older regularly take medications and only half consult their doctors about the possible side effects their medications can inflict.

"We knew that it was time to provide a tool to the public that would allow them to do some research and know what their specific medications were causing," said Devaney.

AAA projects that by 2020, one in six people age 65 and older will still be licensed to drive and encourages anyone taking multiple medications to use Roadwise Rx.

Roadwise Rx is a free online tool that details common side effects related to taking multiple medications and is available at the site