Addison's academic motivation stems from her mom

LEWISTON, ID - Addison Travis is a leader at Lewiston High School and she'll soon be traveling to Salt Lake City for the National DECA Conference.

"I want to impress people," said Addison. "I like to make people think that I'm a good student. I like to do good in my classes and I like to make the teachers happy. I feel that it makes everything easier when you have good grades."

When Addison isn't found cheering for the Bengals she's either working or spending the majority of her time studying.

"I just try to find time to devote to certain things everyday," said Addison. "An hour for homework, obviously for my job, and then cheer practice. I just try to separate it out and not do it all at the same time."

Addison has plans to attend the University of Idaho but remains undecided as to what she'll further her education in. She said her academic motivation stems from her mom.

"She was really good when she was in classes in college and high school," said Addison. "She was very involved and was also a cheerleader. I would say that she kind of motivates me to be the best that I can be, because she was the best that she could be when she was my age too."