Additional upgrades for Clarkston Wastewater Treatment plant approved

CLARKSTON, WA - Additional upgrades to the Clarkston Wastewater Treatment plant were approved Monday night at the Clarkston City Council Meeting.

The five additional upgrades include new pumps that circulate waste through the plant, new equipment and rehabilitation for older machinery.

City Public Works Director Jim Martin said the renovation project for the plant had a list of upgrades that they needed but would be able to do without. Now that the bids have come in, he said that adding these additional upgrades is possible.

"They would help in redundancy, possible energy savings, future capacities, that sort of thing," said Martin.

Martin said that by expanding the project, the finished plant will be more efficient and have a larger capacity. The original budget calls for $12.6 million, however the additional fees will put it at a little more than $15 million. Martin said he expects to award a winning bid at the next council meeting