Administrators consider options how to fit more students into Pullman School Dist. classrooms

PULLMAN, WA - Several families are being told their kids might not be able to go to school in the Pullman School District this year.

The district expects an influx of nearly a hundred more students this year than last year. On Friday the district noticed a late surge in enrollment so, as a precaution, notified ten families that their request to transfer their children to the district might be denied.

Monday morning administrators met to consider options of how to fit these and additional students into classrooms.

"Decided that we could take the ones that had applied so far, we probably won't take anymore until after we see what enrollment actually turns out to be," said Pullman School District Superintendent, Paul Strum.

One big reason administrators don't know the exact number of open desks yet is because families often move away over the summer without informing the district.

It'll take about a week after classes start to know if more students can be accepted.