Adopting 2013 budget was main focus at Pullman City Council meeting

PULLMAN, WA - Tuesday night, the Pullman City Council has a full agenda for its last meeting of the year.

Mayor Glenn Johnson said adopting the 2013 budget is the biggest item on the list. The chief of police will also deliver a report on Washington's new marijuana legislation, and what it means for residents.

"We still have federal law, which trumps state law," said Johnson. "Federal law still says marijuana is illegal. But we have a number of people who say, 'Well, let's see what we can do in the state of Washington. Maybe it's an amount of marijuana somebody can have."

Ed Schweitzer will also speak about the new developments at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories and Mark Workman will officially be appointed as the new city supervisor. The meeting starts Tuesday night at 7:30 in Pullman's City Hall.