Affordable deep space exploration lecture in Pullman

PULLMAN, WA - Affordable space exploration may not sound very plausible in light of our current economy, especially when you're talking about traveling beyond the moon.

However Aerojet, one of the nation's aerospace leaders, is developing rocket propulsion vehicles that would make deep space exploration possible. One of the executive directors of Aerojet visited Washington State University Friday to introduce students to these developments.

"College students are our future, and the reality is that if we don't get them excited in technology, science, engineering, and math fields, we're not going to have a future," said Aerojet Electric Propulsion and Integrated Systems Executive Director Dr. Roger Myers.

Myers spoke about the different vehicles that are capable of making the trip into deep space and what it would take to bring them back. He also explained how deep space exploration could be possible on NASA's limited budget. Aerojet was recently involved in the landing of the Curiosity Rover, and the engines used in that mission were all built in Redmond, Washington.