After Christmas specials keep stores busy

MOSCOW, ID - Now that Christmas has passed, the season of giving may be over, but the season of shopping is still in full swing.

December 26th is a good time to shop if you want to check out the after-Christmas specials, or if that Christmas money is burning a hole in your pocket. We talked to some of the shoppers at the Palouse Mall Wednesday morning to see what motivated them to get out and shop.

"Well we got Christmas money and we were coming to spend it, and see what we could get," said shopper Cheyanne Groff.

"Well, we had a really good Christmas, and we still didn't see some things we wanted," said shopper Whitney Hodge. "So we came back to the mall to look for some stuff since we got Christmas money."

The people we talked to said that they found the best sales at Walmart, Macy's and Ross. The Palouse Mall was fairly crowded, but not nearly as bad as it was on Black Friday.