After Thanksgiving meal, some Palouse shoppers hit the mall

MOSCOW, ID - Black Friday on the Palouse meant staying up late, rather than waking up early.

The Palouse may not have the door busting, people trampling Black Friday that you see on TV, but there was no shortage of shoppers waiting for the Palouse Mall to open at midnight.

Shoppers Evan Walker and Garrett Kyle were at the front of the line. The good news is they got the X-Box that they came for, but chances are they didn't have to show up quite that early.

"We stopped at Walmart first and we finished up there in about ten minutes," said Kyle. "So then, rather than going home for a little while we figured we'd just sit out here."

A couple hundred people were waiting outside the Palouse Mall when it opened, but most of them showed up after 11:00 p.m. For some, it was tough to get the motivation to come out after a big Thanksgiving dinner.

"No, I literally dragged him out," said shopper Alisha Barr.

It seems like Black Friday on the Palouse is more about being part of a fun tradition rather than saving a bunch of money.

"Sometimes it just makes you feel like you're getting a better deal, with getting more stuff," said shopper Darcy Lawford.

"That's why I said we're nuts," said shopper Cassie Kysar. "I'm like, 'who stands out in the freezing cold for hours, just to get like 5 bucks off?' There's some good deals, though."

"Tomorrow, I will definitely have a Black Friday hangover," said shopper Kelly Higginbotham. "I'll tell you that much."

The people who KLEW talked to said they found the best deals at Walmart, ShopKo, and Old Navy. But they also said that the major downside was that all of those stores had incredibly long check out lines.