After tragic accident police remind that booster seats and seatbelts save lives

CULDESAC, ID - Police said simply wearing a seat belt could have saved a five-year-old girl's life Saturday night.

Reporter Morgan Aguilar takes us to the field where the car she was in rolled three times, crashed into a power pole and a fence, and ejected all three passengers.

It was an eerie scene Saturday night as police tried to piece together how a Jeep Commander ended up at least 50 yards off U.S. 95. Outside the vehicle lay pieces of the car, jeans, and a shoe small enough to be a child's.

Idaho State Police said 38-year-old Bianca Sekayouma of Lapwai was driving south, when she somehow lost control slamming into a power pole, going through a fence, rolling several times before finally coming to a stop in the middle of the field. All three passengers were ejected, Sekayouma and 7-year-old Mia Martinez were taken to St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center. 5-year-old Maya Martinez, died from her injuries. None of them were wearing seat belts.

Idaho State Police said the tragic accident is a reminder of the importance of wearing a seat belt, and keeping children in car seats.

"I've been to hundreds of crashes and seat belts, hands down, definitely have saved lives and increase the chance of survival in an automobile crash," said Idaho State Police Sergeant Rich Adamson.

Idaho law says children six or younger have to be in appropriate child safety restraints, or an adult in the vehicle faces at least a $60 fine. Of course it's not always easy to make sure children stay in their booster seat.

"The only thing that you can do is keep reinforcing and reiterating the fact that seat belts and booster seats are a need," said Adamson.

The collision report said two booster seats were found on the ground outside the car, but the investigation concluded they weren't being properly used during the time of the accident.

The accident report does say a person on the scene of the accident said the driver smelled of alcohol. However there haven't been any charges filed against Sekayouma at this time.

If you'd like to have your car or booster seat checked out to make sure you've installed it or are using it correctly, you can make an appointment at Family Beginnings at St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center or the Asotin County Health District. You'll also find this information on our KLEW News Facebook page.