Air quality advisory prompts burning ban in Nez Perce County

LEWISTON, ID - A burn ban and air quality advisory is now in effect for Nez Perce County.

Leaders from the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality said pollutants paired with stagnant air have prompted them to issue a burn ban in the county. The air quality forecast for Nez Perce County has now transitioned from a good to moderate rating, and is expected to get worst before it gets better.

"So every morning we get a little higher reading, and then also in the evenings when people come home and turn on their wood stoves," said North Idaho Smoke Coordinator, Melissa Bacon. "The cold air is trapped by the ground, and we're seeing a rise in those readings as well from everyone."

The ban does not limit the use of woods stoves, but if you have breathing problems it's recommended you limit your time outside, especially strenuous activity. The restriction will likely remain in effect until Friday.