Air Quality Could See Slight Improvement by Weekend

eerie smoke.jpg

As of Thursday, air quality in the Lewis-Clark Valley was in the unhealthy, and at times even the hazardous category.

Meteorologists with the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality forecasted a cold front moving into the area sometime Friday, which could push smoke out of the valley by as early as Saturday.

Air quality analyst Melissa Rhein says while there will still be an air quality caution in place, that weather system could give us some relief.

Rhein says, "There's still plenty of fires to the west of us that could impact our area. We're hoping that it will clear out some and that with a change in wind direction, it will stay out of our location. But at this point we're still thinking we would see impacts in the moderate to unhealthy for sensitives."

It's also important to keep in mind that fire season doesn't end until October, and until fires are out, our air quality could stay degraded for the next month or more.

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