Air Quality Worst Yet


It's the worst our air quality has been all summer and it has everyone starting to feel the effects.

Air quality was listed as unhealthy as of Thursday.

The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality said some areas may see some relief by Saturday, but the smoke isn't expected to lift much over the next few days.

As fires still burn in the Northwest and Canada, air quality continues to decline.

A satellite image from the DEQ shows just how far the smoke has spread across the U.S., with most of it concentrated in the Pacific Northwest.

That's caused our air quality to fall into the unhealthy category, meaning everyone could start to feel some respiratory issues.

And just like the horizon, the outlook for when things will clear up is hazy.

Air quality analyst Melissa Rhein says, "At this point after speaking with the National Weather Service as well as our own staff meteorologists, the surrounding agencies like the Nez Perce Tribe, we're all in agreement that we foresee the smoke impact lasting through the weekend."

The DEQ recommends everyone limit exposure to the smoke by staying indoors as much as possible and using the recycle setting on your home and car air-conditioning.

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