Airport Manager and Airport Authority Board update master plan for Lewiston Airport Business Park

LEWISTON, ID - The Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport has a lot of new changes on the horizon and it's all starting from the top down.

Bruce MacLachlan has been airport manager for only a week and is hitting the ground running. MacLachlan attended the conference for Idaho's airport managers in McCall last week and has been busy learning the ropes ever since. MacLachlan said he's excited to be in Lewiston and is looking forward to the local airport's future.

"I'm extremely excited, the people here have just been extremely friendly," said MacLachlan. "We are currently underway with an updated airport master plan. Identifying the current facilities here at the airport, identifying the future needs of the airport. And then trying to figure out a way to have the two meet."

Maclachlan believes one of the biggest challenges he faces is getting the local community to operate out of the airport, rather than go somewhere else to possibly save some money.