All Hands on Deck for Asotin County Fair & Hells Canyon Rodeo


It’s about that time of year again when people will converge at the Asotin County Fair and Hells Canyon Rodeo. As the fair board is preparing the grounds, there’s another group that’s preparing for the busy week as well.

City of Asotin Police are getting ready for the influx of people heading to Asotin for the fair. Asotin Police Chief, Monte Renzelman says there are a few things to be careful of while in town, or at the fair.

With the increase in people, the roads will be a lot busier than normal, so he says being extra vigilant is key, and to look out for pedestrians. Another tip, take all of your valuables out of your car and make sure the doors are locked…and lastly Chief Renzelman says to always keep an eye on your children. With the increased number of people, and cars, keeping a close eye on children is vital. Chief Renzelman says his department is ready for the busy week.

"We are all hands on deck, every officer we have is going to be putting in hours during that weekend, even myself,” said Chief Renzelman. “I am working the whole weekend. It's a huge weekend for us, but it's fun, you know it's fun."

Chief Renzelman says the extra police presence is just to make sure everything runs smoothly and everyone stays safe.

The fair begins this weekend with 4-H and FFA competitions, with events all next week and weekend. Click on this link for a full list of events.

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