Alleged robbery of prescription narcotics lands two people in jail

LEWISTON, ID - An alleged robbery of prescription narcotics landed two people in jail Tuesday night.

Just before nine p.m., the Lewiston Rite-Aid pharmacy department reported a robbery. While conducting the interview, Lewiston Police found out that 31-year-old Jamie Aubrey admitted to passing a threatening note to a pharmacy clerk.

"The note stated that there was a male outside and if the clerk did not provide all the Dilaudid that they had, that the male would follow her home and do harm to her and her family," said Lewiston Police Department Captain Roger Lanier.

The responding officers were able to complete a high risk traffic stop at 17th street and 23rd avenue and apprehend both suspects. Aubrey and 26-year-old David Evans were both booked for conspiracy to commit a robbery. Aubrey was also given an additional charge of possession of a controlled narcotic. No weapons were involved.