Ambert Alert Program could have made finding Asotin girl possible in 1979

LEWISTON, ID - Nearly 34 years ago, a young Asotin girl went missing. We still don't know what happened to Christina White,but we've learned important lessons since 1979 to help recover other missing kids.

Christina White was only twelve-years-old when she disappeared from the small town of Asotin.

"Everyone was just running around like a pile of ants," said father Gary White. "Nobody knew what they were doing, there was no organization to it or anything."

When she went missing 34 years ago the Amber Alert didn't exist.

"Had there been an Amber Alert, I'm sure there would have been different consequences because...they claim the first 48 hours or something when a child is missing is the golden hours or something," said White.

The Amber Alert program was created in 1996. Broadcasters and law enforcement agencies work together to find missing kids.

"There's been studies shown nationwide that show that if a child is going to be killed as a result of being abducted, they're dead within the first three hours," said Gordon. "And it puts a sense of urgency on the situation to get the Amber Alert issued as soon as possible."

Detective Jackie Nichols said a case like Christina's is difficult to take on. A case she's still pursuing, even after more than three decades.

"Those cases do haunt me somewhat," said Nichols."But I also know that in cases like this if someone doesn't keep working on them, they aren't ever going to get solved."

"She could still be alive somewhere," said White. "There's no closure. You don't know if she's alive or dead and I prefer to feel that she's still alive somewhere."

And though we may never know what happened to Christina White, her story reminds us every day why this program is so vital."

Since the inception of the Amber Alert more than 670 children have been recovered. To learn more about the Amber Alert program in Washington state, head to for more info.