American Pickers visits L.C. Valley to do some treasure hunting

LEWISTON, ID - Treasure hunting in the L.C. Valley may not seem like the most ideal location to find riches, but that's exactly what a national TV show is doing.

"Ever since they've been on TV I have fell for them," said fan Mary Orr.

The smash hit, American Pickers hit the back roads of the L.C. Valley Tuesday to find antiques and trash of value.

"It's a small town," said fan Brian Neely. "We don't get a lot of the quote celebrities in Lewiston Idaho. It's nice to see them here."

"I was really excited," said fan Tiara Smith. "In fact, we just found out about a half-an-hour ago and me and my friend jumped in the car and came straight down here to see them."

American Pickers, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, dove through countless piles of junk, at the crossroads of 16th Avenue and 24th Street in Lewiston, with the optimism of finding antique trinkets that could be restored to their former glory.

"They could find most anything, I mean we've already found dynamite, so who knows," said Neely.

A number of American Picker fans stopped what they were doing to come and see the crew as they weeded through a lot for what they hoped to find, were hidden treasures.

"I want to meet them," said Smith. "I watch the show all of the time, me and my husband. I just really want to meet them and see if I can get a signature or a couple of pictures."

"Meeting them, that's been dream of mine ever since they've been on, you know, a fantasy," said Orr. "I never thought it could come true, and maybe, maybe it could come true."

Both Wolfe and Fritz generally stick around to meet fans of the show. That is, after their done with their lot mission to recycle America.

"I don't love them like I do my husband," said Orr. "But I love their program. I love when they go to some place and they explain this was used years ago for this. This is history, it is total history."

The show aims to teach those who watch a thing or two about American history, while transforming one person's trash into another's treasure. No one was all that surprised by where the show selected to shoot their upcoming episode.

"I'm not shocked because of the amount of stuff that's behind the fence," said Neely.

If you're interested in being on American Pickers, you can email them with a description of your junk at