American Red Cross tips on water safety and drowning prevention

CLARKSTON, WA - The Fourth of July weekend is a popular time for people to head out on the river, and we've got some safety tips for you.

A recent survey from the Red Cross shows eight out of ten people plan to be out on the water this weekend, and a third of them plan on swimming in areas where there aren't any lifeguards.

That's why the Red Cross has launched an anti-drowning campaign this summer that encourages everyone to take swimming lessons and make safe swimming choices.

Here are a couple of things they've suggested, always swim with a buddy, always swim sober, make sure a lifeguard is around, make sure children are wearing life jackets, limit your sun exposure to a couple of hours and stay hydrated.

We have more water-safety and drowning-prevention tips on klewtv. com. There you'll find a link to the American Red Cross website.