Americans Pickers show airing Monday features Lewiston

LEWISTON ID - If you're a die-hard American Picker fan, than you probably already know that Monday night's show takes place in Lewiston.

The History Channel smash hit television show made it's way to the LC Valley in June with American Picker Mike Wolfe and his brother Robbie. American Pickers Director Mary Swanhaus said this episode is especially unique because it's the first time Robbie's been treasure hunting in a very long time.

"Robbie, Mike and Frank always picked together growing up and did trips together, but Robbie's been out of the loop for at least the past six years," said Swanhaus. "So he does have picking experience, but this is a refresher for him."

In Monday night's episode, the two brothers explore a barn-sized man cave at the crossroads of 16th Avenue and 24th Street. Among their many discoveries is a collection of Western Americana including antique spurs that could be worth huge money.