An inflatable traveling art exhibit called Miracoco arrives for WSU Spring Fest

PULLMAN, WA - Spring Fest will kick off at Washington State University this weekend, and this year the festival includes a family-friendly event that you might want to check out.

This gigantic inflatable structure is an art exhibit called Miracoco. The "Luminarium" was created in England and it has traveled all over the world, from Australia, to Costa Rica, and now to Pullman.

"What we ask people to do is to sit down, find a space that they enjoy, and just to enjoy the patterns, and just to take some time to contemplate," said Architects of Air Exhibition Manager Kim Lucas.

The structure is made out of PVC plastic, and the material is actually thinner than clothing. If you want to go, you'll find the structure on the WSU campus off Grimes Way. It will be open to the public Wednesday through Friday from 11:00 to 5:00 p.m., and on Saturday from Noon to 6:00. Admission is free, but there's a suggested donation of $5 for students, and $10 for non-student guests.