Angie's List: Avoiding home improvement project delays

LEWISTON, ID - Neither you nor your contractor wants a delay in a project that inevitably could cost time and money.

Therefore, careful planning and communication with a contractor before the project, is key.

"The best bet for avoiding delays is to document and communicate regularly with your contractor and be sure you are realistic at the beginning about the timeline," said Angie's list owner Angie Hicks.

Inspections are a necessity for almost any construction project as failing an inspection can lead to huge costs and delays. Inspections have to be timed correctly to keep a project flowing smoothly, and a knowledgeable contractor can explain what inspections have to be done at what time. And then there's the things that are out of your control.

"No one can control the weather, but if you're planning for an outside project it's going to be important to build in some buffer for weather related delays," said Hicks. "If you're painting your house or adding new landscaping there may be times when they are not able to work. That will help manage expectations by building the buffer so your project comes in on time."

Taking note of when aspects of the project have been started, how long they are taking, and what changes are made will help both the contractor and the client be upfront about delays and the measures that can be taken to reduce them.