Angie's List: Five simple kitchen projects for a more modern kitchen

LEWISTON, ID - An outdated kitchen can be a sore thumb in an otherwise beautiful home, but unfortunately large-scale kitchen remodeling projects are also some of the most expensive.

"Remodeling your kitchen can seem overwhelming, but you can do little things on a budget that can update the kitchen without breaking your wallet," said Angie's List owner Angie Hicks.

Tip #1: Remodel kitchen cabinets and shelves. Getting a new set of cabinets can be very expensive, but homeowners can hire a kitchen remodeling contractor to update shelves inexpensively.

"This was a honey oak kitchen cabinet," said contractor Kevin Jones. "The customer wanted to update it. So, what we have done is taken if from a honey oak and went to a white. It's still giving them the quality of the wood cabinets that they have had, but changing the color from a honey oak to a white, which makes it look a lot more modern."

Tip #2: Install a new counter top: To keep this upgrade under $500, choose inexpensive materials.

Tip #3: Update the faucets: A new kitchen faucet is a small addition, but it can change the look of a kitchen, making it appear more modern or refined.

Tip #4: Install new lighting.

"A trick at making your kitchen appear larger is lighting," said Hicks. "Swapping out fixture lighting for recessed or track lighting can help you highlight particular features in the kitchen. Adding lighting underneath your cabinets can make dark areas lighter and appear larger."

Tip #5: Add a garbage disposal or trash compactor. These appliances are relatively inexpensive and can be installed by most home builders. However, they can go a long way in making a kitchen more modern and practical.