Angie's List: Fresh holiday decorating without sacrificing your budget

LEWISTON, ID - It's time to pull out your holiday decorations to deck the halls and trim the tree.

Part of the holiday fun is pulling out old decorations that may have been handed down through the generations or are keepsakes from friends and family. But we've all got that box of decorations that are just plain old. You know the ones I'm talking about. They take up storage space and haven't seen the holiday lights for years but you just can't justify the expense of replacing them.

You can create a new holiday look this year using your old decorations in new ways or even finding new, budget friendly ones according to decorating pros who have tips most of us wouldn't have thought of.

"When it comes to decorating for the holidays, all too often we can just get stuck in a rut," said Angie's List owner Angie Hicks. "We always put the tree in the same place. We always decorate it the same way, but there are opportunities to change things up a bit that people don't even realize. Obviously, looking at magazines or watching shows, you might think of new ways to use old stuff. Also, a lot of times there are holiday decorators you can have come in not to do the decorating, but to actually consult with you. You pay them to have them there for an hour. It's not as expensive, but a great way to get a fresh eye."

Bringing in an interior designer, if only for a consultation, is a great way to get ideas on how you can get a new look for less this holiday season.

"Apothecary jars, pretty vases - vases that I have picked up for .99 at thrift stores using the dollar stores they have vases," said Interior Designer Karen Mercer. "We are going to show you how a $2 base and candle stick can make a very pretty apothecary jar. Once you put the greenery around it still looks very nice."

You're not the only one tired of the same decorations year after year - your friends and family are just as tired of some of theirs! Think about organizing a decoration swap!

"I do think people can utilize a lot of different places; consignment stores, thrift shops, low costs decorating - you just have to think outside the box sometimes," said Mercer.

If you want help with your lights there are companies out their such as landscapers, roofers and handymen that will come and hang your lights, take them down and store them for you.

"If you are going to hire someone to hang the lights outside of your house, be sure that you are paying for it based on the job done," said Angie. "So, pay to have the lights hung and then pay separately to have the lights taken down. Sometimes, we've heard stories where people have paid everything upfront and they never showed up to take the lights down."

"Another great question to ask someone hanging the lights is whether they are going to maintain the lights through the holiday season when there are fluctuations in the weather," said Angie. "It's not unusual to have a sting of lights go out at the top of the evergreen tree. So, you want to know if that is included in your price for you to come back and fix that."