Angie's List: High efficiency toilets help conserve water

LEWISTON, ID - Did you know that toilets are the main source of water in your home?

They are responsible for 30% of your indoor water consumption, according to the EPA. Replacing your old toilet with a new, efficient one can help reduce your toilet's water usage by up to 60% and save you an average of $110 a year on your utility bills.

But a toilet is not just a toilet these days. In today's Angie's List report, the many features you can add to your bathroom.

"A lot of people now want features such as a comfort height," said Plumbing Supply Manager, Mary Wright. "Not because everyone is getting older, which we are, but it's just a more comfortable position. The engineering part of the toilet has changed going to low water consumption. The valves on the inside have gotten larger. The trap ways are also fully glazed now and they are much larger so the dynamics of how the toilet actually functions is actually much greater than even the old ones that took up a lot of water usage."

"If you are hiring a pro to install your toilet, it's usually going to cost about $150-$250 for the installation alone, but be sure to ask about extras," said Angie's List Owner, Angie Hicks. "For example, do you have any added features on your toilet that are going to need specialized installation and are you going to have the old toilet removed and taken away? There may be an extra charge for that."

"It was really important for me to get the dual flush because of the less water and I knew it would save on bills," said homeowner Carrie Tamminga.

"Different toilets that do like heated seats or washlets or have open and shut lids that are automatic," said Wright. "All those features are very desirable, they are not necessary but at the end of the day they are quite a nice feature to have those because they can actually save a lot of time. They have dryers built onto them. They have deodorizers. So the dryer function alone saves on the toilet paper usage."

"Your options are really endless," said Hicks. "Toilets have become very sophisticated over the years. You can find a very basic toilet for a few hundred dollars all the way up to thousands of dollars for the state of the art toilet."

Angie's List said a plumber typically requires an hour or two to install a toilet. Expect to pay between $125 and $260 for the installation.
That price can fluctuate depending on several factors including whether you want the plumber to haul away your old toilet and if your plumbing components are in good condition.