Angie's List: How sealcoating your driveway can help year-round

LEWISTON, ID - It's something you see every day on your way to and from work... your driveway.

It takes a beating all year-round, but the summer sun can really take a toll. In today's Angie's List report, how seal coating can help.

"Moisture will soak through the surface," said Tyler Stephens, Driveway Contractor. "It will begin to deteriorate. Also, whenever it freezes and thaws that also makes it expand and contract and that's where you get the stretch and cracks that occur."

"This time of year, demand for driveway sealing and repair goes up and we do hear complaints about it at Angie's List," said Angie Hicks, Angie's List. "The important thing to remember is you want to develop a relationship with the driveway company because you'll likely be using them year after year."

"With the oxidation process the summer starts to break down the sealer with the sun beating on it," said Stephens. "Just imagine if it's a 90-degree July day, that asphalt and also the concrete surfaces gets up to 100-degrees with the sun just beating on it all day so it starts the deterioration process also."

"Driveway repair is no different than any other service," said Hicks. "Be cautious of someone is coming door-to-door and offering you a great deal because they have leftover materials from someone else. Do your research and pick your company. A deal today should be a deal tomorrow."

Angie's List said how often you seal your driveway depends on where you live. Those in milder climates can often go as little as every four years.