Angie's List: If your home needs a face-lift consider brick staining

LEWISTON, ID - Whether you hate the color of your brick or you're looking to give your home a facelift, there's a new option to consider.

In today's Angie's List report, the big impact of brick staining.

"The siding was old and in poor shape so we did that last year," said homeowner Beth Cornelison. "When we replaced the siding we changed the color of the house so the brick didn't coordinate with the new siding so we wanted to see the brick coordinate with the new siding."

"If you're looking to give your brick home a new look there are new options today than there have been in the past," said Angie's List Owner, Angie Hicks. "Now you can stain the brick as well, which can give it a fresh, new look and great curb appeal."

"All of the stains and products we use are very safe for kids, pets and for family members," said Brick Staining Contractor, Harry Brax. "They are all waterborne products and there is very little odor to them. In fact most of my clients have told me they don't really smell anything at all."

"Brick staining is a new trend so first and foremost when you are interviewing contractors, be sure you have someone who has experience with brick staining because you want it to be a project that lasts," said Hicks. "When it comes to pricing it still varies. It depends on either by square foot or some contractors will charge by the hour or part of the day."

"You can get the type of brick that you want and it's going to be unique and you're the only one that will have exactly that finished product," said Brax. "The reason is, every brick is different."

Angie's List said brick stain works on stone as well. And it doesn't have a strong odor, so there's no need to escape the house during application.