Angie's List: Tips for keeping your home pest free

LEWISTON, ID - If you find a few ants marching along the wall in the kitchen, it may be time to call an exterminator.

It can also mean that making a few changes in your environment will likely take care of an insect or rodent problem. Yellow jackets kept Cathy Weinmann and her family from enjoying their front porch last summer.

"They can go in a crack and find an opening in your wall and they will build a nest as big as the opening in your wall," said Weinmann. "When we would spray them we might kill one that was going into the hole but then there were hundreds more to follow."

"If you find that you have unwanted bugs in your house a lot times people might try to tackle this project on their own, but if you see that you have a persistent issue it's probably time to call in the expert," said Angie's List Owner Angie Hicks. "You can call a pest control company that can come in and they have a lot of different projects they can use to take care of the situation."

"A good thing to always do is to keep your structure as dry as possible, I can't stress that enough," said Pest Control Contractor Daniel Packard. "Keep the water away from your house. Insects need a sufficient amount of moisture to survive and if you keep the water away, your tree limbs off the roof and keep your firewood piles away from the house and off the ground that really helps out considerably."

"Prevention is the best defense against future pest problems," said Angie. "Taking care of your lawn, while it may not seem like the biggest issue is actually really key."

"Definitely if you have a home located on a lake or a body of water or your home is on a wooded lot you're definitely more prone to having an insect issue than somebody else would," said Packard.

"Keep your lawn mowed well, avoid standing water, and go light on mulch around your house because that mulch can be a great place for pests to live," said Angie.

As for termites, if you see a big swarm of little insects that look like flying ants, there is a good chance you might have a termite swarm. if so, call a professional for an inspection.