Annual 911 procession has grown throughout the years

LEWISTON, ID - Local fire and police departments remember the day with a tribute procession from Asotin to Pioneer Park in Lewiston.

Firefighters and police officers from around the region rode silently in remembrance of those that paid the ultimate sacrifice. The annual 911 procession started in 2002 and has grown throughout the years.

"Even though New York is far away catastrophes happen, this was the most significant one in our history in our remembrance," said Jonathan Ockwell. "And we've embraced the term 'never forget' and so, every year since, we've tried extremely hard to reflect upon that and show that we will never forget."

"It really doesn't matter if it's across the United States or across the ocean," said Travis Myklebust. "Truly the fire service and law enforcement the blood runs very deep. So truly we just want to honor those. Because we realize the sacrifice and we realize the risk we take each and every day when we put the uniform on and we step into those vehicles."

The emergency vehicle procession ended with a ceremony at the park. There were bag pipes, a short speech and a moment of silence.