Annual Spring Cleaning is top priority for Moscow residents

MOSCOW, ID - The Palouse was soaked with rain Friday morning, but that didn't prevent the city of Moscow from holding a "Cleanup Day."

A cold rainstorm made for a gloomy morning on the Palouse, but that didn't stop a crew of about 30 people from hitting the streets of Moscow with shovels and trash bags.

"I spent the morning shoveling debris out of downtown Moscow sidewalks and parking lots," said Moscow Parks and Facilities Manager Tom Grundin.

"When visitors come, they always say what a clean town we have and I think this is part of the reason," said Mayor Nancy Chaney.

They started downtown and branched out from there in an effort to spruce up the city.

"We typically involve members from the University of Idaho, members of the Moscow business community, and city employees," said Chaney.

Rain or shine, the city holds a clean-up every spring to get rid of some of the grime that builds up over the wintertime.

"We have some pretty major events that bring a lot of visitors to our town and so it's important for us to put our best foot forward," said Moscow Maintenance Manager Tyler Palmer.

Not to mention, they say it's not a bad way to spend a Friday.

"Some of us, we get stuck in offices too often and so it's kind of nice to actually get out in the weather and have a shovel in our hand and be able to participate like that, so it's kind of fun," said Palmer.

"It's just fun and I appreciate the opportunity to help out the city," said Grundin.

After spending the morning out in poor weather, the city provided lunch for everyone that helped clean up.